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Microsoft "Steve Ballmer had a dilemma. He had two groups at Microsoft pursuing competing visions for tablet computers. One group, led by Xbox godfather J Allard, was pushing for a sleek, two-screen tablet called the Courier that users controlled with their finger or a pen. But it had a problem: it was running a modified version of Windows. That ran headlong into the vision of tablet computing laid out by Steven Sinofsky, the head of Microsoft's Windows division. Sinofsky was wary of any product - let alone one from inside Microsoft's walls - that threatened the foundation of Microsoft's flagship operating system. But Sinofsky's tablet-friendly version of Windows was more than two years away." I'm still mad at Microsoft for this one.
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They was right
by Straho on Wed 2nd Nov 2011 08:18 UTC
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I never think that I will say that but Balmer was right. Now everybody are forgotten Zune, but MS still remember it and don't want another fail.

Well, I'm not fair Zune was mentioned in Two and half man new season, sadly this was only funny moment so far.

Actually I'm very surprise that Xbox is so nice. They should be grateful Apple don't have game console.

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RE: They was right
by MOS6510 on Wed 2nd Nov 2011 08:40 in reply to "They was right"
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Funny enough they once did:

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RE[2]: They was right
by Straho on Wed 2nd Nov 2011 09:07 in reply to "RE: They was right"
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My fault. 1995 I bought my first desktop and in Eastern Europe that wasn't easy, real game console came around 1999.
There's always something new, thank you.

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RE: They was right
by zima on Wed 2nd Nov 2011 14:31 in reply to "They was right"
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Now everybody are forgotten Zune, but MS still remember [...] Actually I'm very surprise that Xbox is so nice. They should be grateful Apple don't have game console.

The Pippin was already mentioned, but there's also - the two categories converge, it's very clear MS wishes for Xbox to be more than just a game console - which also places it, most notably, in similar category and out-competing the present Apple "just a hobby" TV.

Generally, human memory - also (particularly?) collective one - is quite poor, we quickly forget most stuff and settle on, largely, self-reinforcing myths (the first mechanism mentioned here is a charming example ;) )

How many remember that iPod was not Apple's first attempt at digital portable audio player? (NVM how it really caught on much later than often remembered: - which was also near the time when most of the world simply shifted or outright jumped over to music-capable phones)
How many remember Apple digicams?
Apple III? The Puck Mouse? Recent MobileMe issues at least? Or what a mess their platform was thrughout large part of the 90s? (them not folding probably mostly due to - undeserved at the time - fanbase)

Sometimes it ends up really funny... how many of the people who embraced x86 Mac transition remember almost slandering P3-era x86 chips? (together with the marketing campaign of PowerPC "supercomputer on a chip" G4, based on few hand-picked, optimised Photoshop tasks ...while, short few years later, jumping on quite direct descendants of P3 and boasting huge speed improvements at the announcement)

It's not nearly only Apple of course - look at, say, "all their formats fail" Sony (curiously, in a bit opposite direction), which created or co-created many of the widespread standards (this naturally makes them less exclusively associated with Sony, that's pretty much the definition of "standard" - only the failed ones retain those association; and since Sony does a lot, and large part (most?) of it doesn't even face consumers...)

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