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Fedora Core Good news from the Linux world. Fedora has announced its intention to drastically alter the file system layout of its Linux distribution. The plan's been out for a while, but was brought to my attention by Brian Proffitt (still the best name ever) over at ITWorld. The gist is to move all binaries to /usr/bin, and all libraries to /usr/lib and /user/lib64.
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About time!!!
by OSGuy on Thu 3rd Nov 2011 10:12 UTC
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After Fedora, everyone else will follow...just watch! I truly support this move.

While this might go against the LSB and FHS...

Do we really care? The LSB and FHS are a mess when it comes to this so who cares? Do we really want to keep living in the past - 30+ years old rules?? The people in charge of LSB and FHS will have to think twice when everyone follows Fedora or we will just create LSB++ and FHS++ respectively ;)

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RE: About time!!!
by ichi on Thu 3rd Nov 2011 10:22 in reply to "About time!!!"
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After Fedora, everyone else will follow

First you'd have to wait for Fedora to actually approve that change.

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RE[2]: About time!!!
by OSGuy on Thu 3rd Nov 2011 10:42 in reply to "RE: About time!!!"
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Well I hope they do ;)

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RE: About time!!!
by sorpigal on Thu 3rd Nov 2011 12:00 in reply to "About time!!!"
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Do we really care? The LSB and FHS are a mess when it comes to this so who cares?

I think this is an important point that you and other supporters of this idea (and others like it) need to understand. I care.

Lots of people care. Just because you don't like, don't understand or don't want to deal with the FHS doesn't mean it isn't logical and valuable. It certainly isn't perfect, and many aspects of it could be improved, but you can't just throw it out. You must understand it and love it before you can hope to improve upon it.

You complain about being bound by 30-year-old rules, but in fact that's not necessary. The FHS hasn't been updated lately but it could be. If you actually have a way to improve it and you can get some consensus you can get it changed. I believe there are people looking at an update now if for no other reason than to add the much-needed /run directory. If you think other changes are valuable go forth and conquor!

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