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Google InfoWorld's Serdar Yegulalp provides a look at the best apps for boosting the battery life of your Android device. "The best place to start if you just want to survey your power usage habits is Battery Indicator. To follow that up with actual power management, Green Power and JuiceDefender are your best bets. 2x Battery is not a bad program, but it's limited to managing cell data and not Wi-Fi connections. If that feature were added in a future revision, 2x Battery would be a real contender."
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RE[3]: Conditional underclocking
by Alfman on Thu 3rd Nov 2011 10:27 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Conditional underclocking"
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"You can't compare a workstation CPU with highly optimised low power usage CPU. Too different architectures and other stuff."

I thought I said that, but yeah.

"Did you factor in the OS into your tests of Xeon?"

No I didn't. Just now I tried the test at 3GHZ and there was no difference in execution speed between linux and windows. I could not measure the cpu wattage under linux, but I have no reason to believe it'd be different in the same state.

"Because that makes a lot of difference. Specially in the more is less case."

Can you clarify what you mean? Obviously anything that places a load on the scheduler, such as interrupts, will be very os dependent. However if interrupts are consuming less than 1% of CPU in either OS, then the test loop given above should (and does) run equally fast under either OS. If I had stressed memory or IO then things might start to diverge.

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