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Google InfoWorld's Serdar Yegulalp provides a look at the best apps for boosting the battery life of your Android device. "The best place to start if you just want to survey your power usage habits is Battery Indicator. To follow that up with actual power management, Green Power and JuiceDefender are your best bets. 2x Battery is not a bad program, but it's limited to managing cell data and not Wi-Fi connections. If that feature were added in a future revision, 2x Battery would be a real contender."
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RE: Conditional underclocking
by 2shanfernando on Thu 3rd Nov 2011 10:39 UTC in reply to "Conditional underclocking"
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+1 for SetCPU or CPU Tuner for the adventurous rooters. The former is free for XDA-Developers but well worth a donation for his efforts!

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SetCPU shouldn't be needed on most modern devices running Android 2.3. CPU speed should be automatically controlled by default now. At least, it is on my Xperia Pro, as shown by System Monitor (goes as low as 200 Mhz and various steps up to the max of 1 GHz).

SetCPU isn't needed with Cyanogenmod 7.x either, as similar features are built in.

About the only time you need SetCPU anymore is if you are going to overclock the CPU.

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