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Fedora Core Good news from the Linux world. Fedora has announced its intention to drastically alter the file system layout of its Linux distribution. The plan's been out for a while, but was brought to my attention by Brian Proffitt (still the best name ever) over at ITWorld. The gist is to move all binaries to /usr/bin, and all libraries to /usr/lib and /user/lib64.
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by jweinraub on Thu 3rd Nov 2011 16:10 UTC
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What about scripts? Quite a few of my scripts I give the full path, and at times relative paths to certain programs/files/etc.

Heck, even the interpreter itself, /bin/sh following the shebang symbol. Wouldn't that screw things up? Are they intending to keep the legacy system in place by using symlinks so nothing screws up along the way?

I am all for change, when change is necessary, but honestly, I am so used to /sbin/ifconfig and the current location of things, I rather not relearn. At least I am more of a Debian user, so I hope they don't change. Though a lot of my endusers seem to like Fedora, and I get people liking Ubuntu for some reason, but at least it is a Debian flavour.

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RE: scripts?
by darkcoder on Thu 3rd Nov 2011 16:20 in reply to "scripts?"
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In the sugested Plan, they suggested making symlinks that will keep compatibility.

|-- etc
|-- usr
| |-- bin
| |-- lib
| `-- lib64
|-- run
|-- var
|-- bin -> usr/bin
|-- sbin -> usr/bin
|-- lib -> usr/lib
`-- lib64 -> usr/lib64

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