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Hardware, Embedded Systems A big issue right now in the world of operating systems - especially Linux - is Microsoft's requirement that all Windows 8 machines ship with UEFI's secure boot enabled, with no requirement that OEMs implement it so users can turn it off. This has caused some concern in the Linux world, and considering Microsoft's past and current business practices and the incompetence of OEMs, that's not unwarranted. CNet's Ed Bott decided to pose the issue to OEMs. Dell stated is has plans to include the option to turn secure boot off, while HP was a bit more vague about the issue.
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people need to stop libeling Red Hat
by TechGeek on Fri 4th Nov 2011 01:17 UTC
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For those that didn't bother digging through all the links, you can stop blaming Red Hat for some kind of conspiracy. The post from the Red Hat employee about HP and UEFI had nothing to do with this debate. It was simply a posting asking for help with a problem that HP identified as the UEFI. Now maybe it is, and maybe they were wrong. The article never mentions secure boot as indeed the machine in question doesn't have secure boot. But that doesn't mean that a problem in the UEFI wasn't still causing the end user trouble.

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Good to see that Mr Bott really did his homework and does not have an agenda at all...<cough>....

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