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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris If you have ever administered Sun machines, updates were a big part of your work. In the past, information about them were available on SunSolve, the Sun support website, to help sysadmins sort everything out. SunSolve has been decomissioned by Oracle and its replacement hasn't received a warm welcome from the Solaris community due in large part to technologies used (Flash,...). We Sun Solve was created to avoid this problem.
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Solaris Updates
by Gestahlt on Fri 4th Nov 2011 23:58 UTC
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I work with Solaris on a daily basis.. means its my bread and butter. I do like 20-30 JET installs every day and get fucked up with every Update they release.

New EIS-DVDs, new Firmwares are my biggest headaches. While the EIS-DVDs play mostly nice they eat a lot of time while the installation (Installing the EIS-DVD takes 3x longer than installing the Base OS). The Oracle My Support site is horrible. It is so time consuming finding some infos on any topic.

I definetly will try the new We Sun Solve site. It cant be worse.

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