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Mac OS X And so the iOS-ification of Mac OS X continues. Apple has just announced that all applications submitted to the Mac App Store have to use sandboxing by March 2012. While this has obvious security advantages, the concerns are numerous - especially since Apple's current sandboxing implementation and associated rules makes a whole lot of applications impossible.
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RE[4]: Good move
by frderi on Sat 5th Nov 2011 01:00 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Good move"
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Since Android most exploits are actually social engineering exploits*, not technical ones, iPhone leads in phishing exploits by a wide margin.
On the technical exploits side iOS and Android are on equal footing.

I don't know under which rock you have been hiding, you might want to read up on this to review your opinion.

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RE[5]: Good move
by JAlexoid on Sat 5th Nov 2011 16:05 in reply to "RE[4]: Good move"
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Are you having issues at understanding the word "technical"? Or are you the type of person that thinks that all malware is based on technical exploits?

PS: You might have had issues with that rock over your had also

PPS: Not a single link that you provide lists a single bug. While I can list at least 2 vulnerabilities(1 remote and 1 local) in Android and 2 remote code execution vulnerabilities in iOS.

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