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Google "Let's not mince words here: This 'Android and iPhone Update History' chart [OSNews item] is not a good chart. Oh, it's a pretty chart, to be sure artfully illustrated and researched. But this chart - done up by Michael Degusta at The Understatement and reposted by anyone unable to think clearly, apparently - is not a good chart. Or at the very least, it fails to recognize a fundamental difference between Android and iOS and the iPhone."
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RE[3]: I don't get it.
by zima on Sun 6th Nov 2011 23:45 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: I don't get it."
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The value of human worth and entitlement/rights are not compatible with the value of products and paid services.

And yet, somehow, we do count them within one and the same system, using the same units... :/

"All people deserve equal treatment and opportunity within the system, that is what 'all men are created equal' is all about" is a story for good children, I'm afraid... and, it's curious how the place cherishing this myth so strongly is also the one at the bottom of social mobility among developed countries (the actual measure of this - roughly, how much of your end results depends on "our own actions" / work / effort, and how much on the random accident of being born into proper amount of money and social connections; BTW - the popularly disparaged in said place, so called "nanny states" are at the top)

Unfortunately the avarice and corruption in the corporate, government and financial arenas have removed much of this equal opportunity

The avarice and corruption of humans removes this (the easier if they believe such myths about their place as above - just another product to sell)

And you know, there's really nothing "premium" about the iPhone - a mass produced commodity product assembled in Chinese factories.

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