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Windows After roughly 12 years of work, the Wine Project is about to take its widely used Windows translation layer to a place it has not been in all that time: beta. Wine Project leader Alexandre Julliard, who has worked on the software nearly since its beginning in 1993 and maintained it since 1994, said in an interview yesterday that the beta release is "a matter of days away." He has since updated that forecast and said it would be released on Tuesday, October 25th.
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And how many .NET apps does the average person use every day? Zero! Nada. Zilch.

Rayiner, I've always respected what you've had to say on this board, but this time I thoroughly disagree.

The average home user? Probably not many. That being said, .Net has an enormous presence in IT dept's though...I'd say 90%+ of the folks working in a fortune 500 company use a .Net app of some sort (more than likely an app) on a daily basis.

I see this recurring theme around here all the time...people think if there isn't a "killer" desktop app written in (fill in the blank) language, that it's not important. VB/Java/.Net are very well entrenched in business scenarios...just b/c there isn't some sort of desktop application written in said languages doesn't mean they aren't viable.

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Yes, when discussing Mono vis-a-vis Wine as it pertains to Vista, what you should really be discussing are webapps. Not only webapps, but webapps constrained to Fortune 500 companies. If you were being any less topical I'd think you were starting a new discussion.

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So am I to believe that Mono only runs on the desktop? Last I checked, .Net runs on both the server and the desktop, and therefore has just as much relevance in the IT realm as it does anywhere else. WINE will not survive w/o a presence in corporate IT...that's my point. And it simply cannot get a foothold in IT as long as MS reigns supreme.

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