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Graphics, User Interfaces In the commercial software world, user interfaces are generally designed by one group. Like Microsoft for Windows or Apple for Mac OS. Those desktop environments were designed by one company who did things like user testing and statistical analysis to try and make the desktop they thought would work best. Linux is different. Large groups definitely DO perform user testing and statistical analysis, but one group can also say "Here's what we want" and, if they have the ability to code it, their idea comes into being. It's pretty amazing, when you think about it. Linux lets people create what they want. If you don't like what's out there, fork it! Or start from scratch! You're in control!
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internet disease
by stabbyjones on Mon 7th Nov 2011 10:34 UTC
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Readers of tech websites have a real bad case of internet disease lately. Don't like it? Change it. Complaining doesn't help anyone.

I am so sick of hearing everyone moan about this.

I hate kde.
I loved gnome 2.
I like gnome 3 better.

Whatever you like is fine by me. I just don't care why you hate gnome 3. You're wasting everyone's time. At least mint is using the technology to extend gnome 3 into what they want instead of bitching about it.

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RE: internet disease
by gfolkert on Tue 8th Nov 2011 21:48 in reply to "internet disease"
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I used the crap out of KDE Console from KDE v1.1. It was Perfect. Then things changed.

Moved to GNOME v1.1 and then 1.2 then 1.3 and finally pinnacle of customization 1.4. Downhill from there.

Started using XFCE vs CDE, since I was able to get it to work on OSF/1 v4.01. Also on HP-UX v8.04.

Have used XFCE for my fallback when ever GNOME failed in the 2.x.x variants in Debian SID.

SID wne to GNOME3 recently... guess what? Back to XFCE. some say that XFCE is a MS clone from the 90s.

Considering XFCE had compositing well before most other DEs (Enlightenment also did) and still IMO has better handling of it even now...

I'm using XFCE right at the moment and its able to made like I like it, period.

I ask for a few simple things:

1) Customize-able panels, (width, height, font, transparency, shortcuts, window lists, swallowing, actions... etc)
2) Lots of space with nothing in my way
3) Good "terminal" application
4) Ability to run everything I need/want, I use mainly GTK and some GNOME apps. Only a couple KDE apps. (surprise, I can use both in XFCE without effort)
5) Good support form the mailing list.

The XFCE mailing list sees an awful lot of "Hey your stuff is broken you need to fix it" posts... which go un-responded to, since the list needs to know, what version of XFCE, what app and how it was launched.

To address the menu editing issue everyone brings up... oh my, it was for one stable version where a lot of changes were made. Get over it, its been fixed in newer versions. It was an add-on that wasn't seen as a stopper.

Anyway... XFCE for the foreseeable future, again.

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