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Privacy, Security, Encryption An iOS security researcher who submitted a tainted iPhone application meant to expose a weakness in Apple's App Store security process has been suspended from Apple's developer program. And rightly so -- he violated clear terms of service. But what does that say about the security of all those random apps on your iPhone, iPad and iPod?
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RE[2]: I don't see the problem
by rhavyn on Tue 8th Nov 2011 23:01 UTC in reply to "RE: I don't see the problem"
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"Good on him for finding the security flaw. Good on him for reporting it to Apple. However that's as far as it should have gone. Sneaking in an app is way over the line, since he has actually compromised real devices.

He had to prove his exploit worked. Had he not done this, Apple would've simply said "our review process will catch it, so no problem, now bugger off".

In which case the responsible thing would have been to take down the app immediately after it was approved. But he didn't.

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