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Mozilla & Gecko clones Mozilla has announced the release of Firefox 8 for Windows, Mac, Linux and Firefox for Android. This release appears to be a relatively minor update. Perhaps the main feature of this update is the ability for user control over third-party addons. "At Mozilla, we think you should be in control, so we are disabling add-ons installed by third parties without your permission and letting you pick the ones you want to keep." A detailed technical description of this new Firefox release can be found in the release notes.
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Who cares about the stupid version number?
by smitty on Wed 9th Nov 2011 03:39 UTC
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I'll never understand why people get so worked up about a silly little number you never even see while using the product. They could call it Firefox 73.2 AAA - 1400.C, and I still wouldn't care. New version of firefox available? Download, install, done.

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smitty Member since:

I wouldn't care if they at least do something significant to justify the new version change. Like finishing the GTK3 port, GStreamer backend, or porting Firefox to Wayland.

The only change necessary is the change of date in the calendar. They've moved to a time-based release schedule rather than one based on features, and I find it superior in every way.

Why keep updating Firefox if we get nothing from new updates? Just a stupid f--king version change. They just waste our time and our bandwidth.

Do you actually use Firefox? I'm guessing not, because compare Firefox 4 with the latest FF8. It's clearly much better, in just about every possible way. Sure, there is still plenty that needs to be done, but I'm glad they aren't holding off the small incremental changes just because someone doesn't want them to make any more releases until their pet issues are taken care of.

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f--k you Mozilla. You're the new Netscape.

You are 100% correct. Mozilla was a fork of Netscape Navigator.

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