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Fedora Core "The following are major features for Fedora 16: enhanced cloud support including Aeolus Conductor, Condor Cloud, HekaFS, OpenStack and pacemaker-cloud; KDE Plasma workspaces 4.7; GNOME 3.2; a number of core system improvements including GRUB 2 and the removal of HAL; an updated libvirtd, trusted boot, guest inspection, virtual lock manager and a pvops based kernel for Xen all improve virtualization support."
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RE: nvidia doesn't work for me
by diegoviola on Wed 9th Nov 2011 22:12 UTC in reply to "nvidia doesn't work for me"
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I have installed so many times between alpha, beta, and now final. Can never get nvidia to work. It boots and I see the nvidia logo, and gnome shell loads, but it is PAINFULLY slow. Someone else on IRC was having the same problem... no solution. I filed a bug with Red Hat and they said they don't package the driver so they don't support it. Whatever... thats garbage. I can't believe it shipped in the state it is in.

I really wanted to like Fedora but with no nvidia drivers its not worth my time. I guess I'll try Linux Mint now, I know my drivers work fine there.

Try nouveau, it should work better than the nvidia blob.

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