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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "HTC has become the top seller of smartphones in the US with a strategy that's precisely the opposite of Apple's. Where Apple is secretive, HTC is open. Where Apple is exclusive, HTC works with all carriers. Where Apple is proprietary, HTC is collaborative. Where Apple customizes for no one, HTC customizes for everyone. It's the anti-Apple and, so far, it has worked." I'm not enamoured with HTC's product design as of late (too soft, too 'rounded'), but as far as companies go, HTC is one of the good guys. Amazing to see such behaviour rewarded - and once again proves what I've been saying all along: in the end, openness and choice always wins.
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RE: Openness, no. Choice.. Sort of.
by thegman on Fri 11th Nov 2011 09:52 UTC in reply to "Openness, no. Choice.. Sort of."
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I think that's quite right, as much as I like open standards, no DRM, no locked down devices etc. 99% of the market does not care, or even know what we're talking about.

If everyone cared about open standards and open development, we'd all be running *BSD or Linux on SPARC, but in fact we're running one of two closed source Operating Systems on a non-open hardware platform.

HTC's success in selling phones is because they have a good range at different price points and wide availability. There may be correlation with their "openness", but there is no causation.

99% don't know what openness is, and 99% of the 1% don't care.

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The two closed sourced OS are quite open, as a platform (don't confuse that with code openness), in standards and development; likewise the hardware on which they run (even sort of on the "locked" fruit side - which greatly benefits, draws from fairly open hw ecosystem, too)

OS and platforms which were very clearly much less open, generally didn't survive, they lacked "a good range at different price points and wide availability" - so it very much appears to be a causation.

People might not care about (reasonable) openness per se, but they care greatly about the results of it, what it gives them.

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