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Multimedia, AV "Yesterday, Logitech hosted an Analyst and Investor Day and during his remarks, CEO Guerrino De Luca pulled absolutely no punches in describing the 'mistakes' the company made with its Logitech Revue Google TV set top box. Calling the company's Christmas 2010 launch 'a mistake of implementation of a gigantic nature', De Luca told investors that the company had 'brought closure to the Logitech Revue saga' by making plans to let inventory run out this quarter and that there are 'no plans to introduce another box to replace Revue'."
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Only one flaw
by jefro on Fri 11th Nov 2011 22:43 UTC
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The only flaw it has and came with is the fact that you can't boot to some other more useful OS.

I'd still buy one if they would just fix it so I can put in my usb stick and boot.

Dummies at Logitech still don't get it.

The thing has real power for a small set top and could be a great geek product but they wanted to force their OS on us. Hummm. Didn't we just hear a similar thing going on with PC's?

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RE: Only one flaw
by JAlexoid on Fri 11th Nov 2011 23:16 in reply to "Only one flaw"
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No, the first flaw was being convinced that an Intel based device can be cheap enough...

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RE[2]: RE: Only one flaw
by zima on Fri 18th Nov 2011 23:59 in reply to "RE: Only one flaw"
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By now, it's perhaps also the flawed expectation of people putting up with "yet another box" (also financially)

It's bizarre to me, overall: them pursuing with (essentially) "TV Android fork" some ~premium pricing, distancing themselves from the model which works so well for Android (aiming to be sort of everywhere, largely also via low price of the package).
While... consider how, say, the Raspberry-Pi (we know how inexpensive it is) essentially has all the power necessary by a ~set-top-box OS. Or how modern TVs, judging from the look and capabilities of their on-screen menus (of a ~year old, "typical"/inexpensive LED LCD LG, for example), already have internal HW which is not terribly far from R-Pi / from something which could run a platform derived from Android / from cheap (minus touchscreen, battery, and such) Chinese phones.

Maybe, by now, it's down to teaming up with several TV manufacturers, for something more like Sony Google TVs (but based on less ridiculous HW), less like Logitech Revue. Because the market of set-top-boxes seems to become cornered by more universal machines ( or ).
Or, maybe Google TV will now be just pushed on Motorola Mobility set-top-boxes, however limited geographically their reach would be.

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RE: Only one flaw
by viton on Sat 12th Nov 2011 01:13 in reply to "Only one flaw"
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Intel aborted their consumer chipset division.
Pushing products without a future is not that "dummies at logitech" accept as healthy business plan.

and could be a great geek product
Oh well, this is a real game changer.

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