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Linux "At long last, it looks like there is an adequate solution to the Active State Power Management (ASPM) problem in the Linux kernel , a.k.a. the well-known and wide-spread power regression in the Linux 2.6.38 kernel, which has been causing many laptops to go through significantly more power than they should. This is not another workaround, but rather a behavioral change in the kernel to better decide when the PCI Express ASPM support should be toggled."
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RE: Surprising
by Neolander on Sat 12th Nov 2011 08:56 UTC in reply to "Surprising"
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/rant on

So, I am an OS developer and I want to read the latest and greatest PCI Express spec.

I go to
Click "Download specifications"
Click "PCI Express"
Click "PCIe base spec 3.0" on the right
Select the version without the change bar
End up on a login window, click "how to join"
Click "Join PCI-SIG"
And then I have to fill out a 10-pages paper form, stick it in an envelope along with a $3000 check (or equivalent mean of payment), and send everything to an address in the US.

Err... seriously ?

I understand the need to pay for a spec. I mean, it takes lots of time and money to write it and all. Sure, personally, I'd end up downloading and using it illegally anyway because I'm a hobby OSdever with no income and there's no way I can put that kind of money on a personal project, but that's not the point.

The point is, if they get $3000 per year and juridic entity who deals with them, can't they come up with something... you know... faster and more secure than putting very large amounts of paper money in the postal circuit ?

It's not as if wire transfers are something new. And for all I hate credit cards, maybe I'd trust PCI-SIG enough to give them my card information. But even though they have thought about the latter possibility, they make it extra cumbersome and insecure by asking you to call their system administrator on the phone for that. Without specifying at which hours he's actually there.

I find it ironical that computer standards body, of all things, can still live in the beginning of the 20th century.

/rant off

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