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OSNews, Generic OSes Remember yesterday when I said Solaris 11 goes way over my head? Well, today we're talking about where operating systems and biology intersect. Scientists at the University of Nottingham are trying to develop the in vivo biological cell-equivalent of a computer operating system. The project's name is AUdACiOuS.
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wetware programm'ng
by ARUmar on Sat 12th Nov 2011 17:29 UTC
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should be a tad easier to program than the messy hardware software sytems we have chugging along at the moment.but i wanna see the source code to this os or no sale

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RE: wetware programm'ng
by zima on Fri 18th Nov 2011 23:39 in reply to "wetware programm'ng"
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That was seriously your first thought?

Our present computer systems are ridiculously "deterministic" and clean, in comparison to the crud behind biological organisms (evolution, over the last few billion years, didn't strictly care about behind-the-scenes "how?").
We demonstrably have a decent grip on on the former (sure, we don't do many things in computers in the most elegant way, but that's about something else - market dynamics; also the "indifferent evolution" taking hold, really), while in the latter - tons of big, unanswered dilemmas (heck, we don't even really know why we age). Supposedly, XXI will only be the century of biology / biochemistry.

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