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Oracle and SUN I just emerged, blinking, from the world of Skyrim, only to realise Sun Oracle has released the 11th version of Solaris (well, technically it's the 7th, but okay, we'll roll with it). I'll be honest and upfront about it: Solaris is totally out of my league, and as such, it's very hard for me to properly summarise what this release is all about, so I won't even try.
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RE[3]: Cloudwashing
by vermaden on Mon 14th Nov 2011 22:31 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Cloudwashing"
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However, your list of features are not all exclusive to Solaris. Similar to ZONES, AIX has LPAR and WPAR.

The virtualization capabilities with LPARS on POWER5 (and newer) hardware is pretty darn impressive and is perhaps the most sophisticated of all virtualization technologies available.

Close enough! ;p

Well, ZONES are WPARs and LAPRS are LDOMs in Solaris world, dunno how Oralce calls them now, but they were called LDOMs on T1 and T2 in Sun(ny) times.

I think that HP-UX also has something similar for their Superdome systems.

HP-UX is quite dead after Oracle said 'we do not do Itanium any more', but yes, they have similar features.

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