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Windows Microsoft just posted on its blog about how Windows 8 is going to handle automatic updating and the consequent system restarts - and they're changing a few things around. They want to make the process less disruptive, and there's reason to cheer: no more popup notifications begging for restarts.
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by leos on Wed 16th Nov 2011 00:31 UTC in reply to "..."
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"if the three-day period is over, the system will restart automatically."

Fuck off. That was my first thought... It will force a restart? Fuck off.

You do realize that's how Windows works right now, and has worked since at least Windows XP, right?

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by Kalessin on Wed 16th Nov 2011 19:09 in reply to "RE: ..."
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Which is just one more reason to disable automatic updates. Nothing should ever install or update itself without asking first. It's just asking for trouble otherwise. Maybe they more or less have to have the automatic updates for those folks who don't really know how to use a computer beyond the basics, but for anyone who's actually profficient with computers, automatic updates are nothing be trouble IMHO.

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by lucas_maximus on Wed 16th Nov 2011 19:23 in reply to "RE[2]: ..."
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I leave automatic updates on ... tbh I never notice them being installed (since vista) and I just have a "you need to restart" message ... I actually shutdown my computer when it isn't in use.

Considering most of the patches are on Patch Tuesday ... it doesn't happen that often.

I think it is good that they are forcing "normals to update" otherwise they don't and then the OS is wide open .. us nerds can just turn it off ... as the article says.

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