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Google According to InformationWeek: "Just over a hundred days after Google last provided an update on the status of Google+ for businesses, the company has introduced a way for companies to participate in its social network. Google+ Pages, like Facebook Pages before them, provide businesses and brands with a place to promote conversations related to their products and services." A number of U.S. government agencies are trying out Google+, including NASA, the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Marine Corps, and the National Nuclear Security Administration. Since release of initial Google+ components on June 28 2011, the product is claimed by Larry Page to have over 40 million users, versus some 800 million for Facebook.
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Technical advantages are really great, but I don't think that's really what Google need to work on at the moment.

I'm only talking based on my experience and the experience of almost every friend I have who has ever tried the site, but my Google+ wall consists of jokes about how no-one uses the site, one guy who posts to both Google+ and Facebook (hint: he's an outlier), and a Google employee. It was a ghost town at 25 million users, and I think it still is now at 40 million. Google must work out how to get people actually using the damn site.

In all honesty, they dropped the ball blocking everyone out early with their stupid invite system and it's going to take one hell of a comeback to stop it going the way of Wave, methinks.

google+ is a ghost town because:
1. You have no people or few people in your circles
2. You want real friends in your circles instead of connections
3. As a result of #1, your stream is almost empty, thus it is a ghost town
4. You don't read things like: "Google+ for Beginners"

Here are sample that may help you connect people(not friends in real life) that shared the same interests as you have:
To address # 1 and # 21
Find valuable connections:

Startup guide:

Getting more out from your circles:

You see, there are so many ways you can populate your Google+ stream with quality contents rather than irrelevant game invites, friends' posts at your facebook stream.
I am talking about quality posts based on your *INTERESTS* your interests could be:
1. Photography(any type)
2. Graphic design
3. Web design
4. Programming
5. Religion
6. Technology
7. Science
8. etc.

numbers are growing.

So there.

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