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Microsoft OSNews writing about social networks? Yes, it happens, and today is one of those days. We all know Facebook is king here, with a massive userbase and a seemingly unbreakable hold over the market, with Twitter covering the more public side of social networking. Google does some stuff in a fringe somewhere with something called Google+ which tries to combine Facebook and Twitter, but it's effectively a ghost town with a confusing interface. So, if you're Microsoft, what are you going to do? Well, build your own social network, of course!
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Google plus is probably one of the best things they've done since Gmail. Coupled with Android and all their other products it makes you want to use other Google products.

Since Google+ I have:
-Used Gmail as my central point for mail & contacts.
-Started using Google Calendar and Google Tasks
-Spent more time on Youtube.
-Stopped using Facebook.
-Used every Google Service I already used about 50% more. (reader, docs, picasa, etc)

Google has done the reverse of Facebook. Applications are creating the userbase while Facebook is trying to add shiny things to keep the existing users around now that there's nothing to do there.

If MS want's a slice of the pie they should easily be able to shoehorn themselves in through xbox, office and Windows.

They have millions of products, users and services around the world which when (intelligently) used together could create a cohesive network that will at least create some kind of community.

I agree. In addition, Microsoft employed very smart people, but it doesn't mean that being smart can be also an expert in Social Networking trends nowadays. They should build a better one, even if better than Google+ it is very difficult for them.

I read an article from Google nearly a couple of years ago discussing the weaknesses of social networks such as the big bucket of friends in Facebook. So they created Google+ by watching the mistakes of Facebook. Facebook for sure is the current leader in term of numbers, but I've found Google+ more interesting that it even ruined my work time because I've spent most of my time there, because of the quality of unique contents = mainly photography, technology discussion. The best thing to do first is to add people in your circles and engage in any discussion you like.
At Facebook, my interest only is to know the status of my family(for almost all of them are there) and 100% of my friends are there.

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