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SuSE, openSUSE And another popular Linux distribution pushes a new release out the door. This time around, it's openSUSE, as they just released version 12.1. Other than the usual latest and greatest version of all the open source desktops and associated tools, there's a few other interesting tidbits in this release as well.
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by Soulbender on Thu 17th Nov 2011 01:13 UTC in reply to "KDE"
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I just switched my production machine to Kubuntu 11.10.

I fail to see how that relates to the release of OpenSUSE.

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RE[2]: KDE
by Jason Bourne on Thu 17th Nov 2011 14:10 in reply to "RE: KDE"
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It's related because I was looking for a Ubuntu 11.04 replacement. Many were waiting for OpenSUSE, but along the way came Kubuntu too which is KDE-based distro. Last time I knew, OpenSUSE was a KDE-based distro...unless it changed.

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RE[3]: KDE
by rtfa on Thu 17th Nov 2011 16:52 in reply to "RE[2]: KDE"
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opensuse does KDE and GNOME and 2 other desktops, but KDE is the default

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RE[2]: KDE
by tylerdurden on Thu 17th Nov 2011 22:08 in reply to "RE: KDE"
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He was just letting us know that "production machine" does not mean what he thinks it does...

Kids these days and their buzzwords.

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RE[3]: KDE
by Jason Bourne on Fri 18th Nov 2011 01:01 in reply to "RE[2]: KDE"
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Ok mr. sympathetic. I will take that back. My main computer will please you better... These IT god-types...ugh.

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