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Legal The US is currently busy copying China's internet censorship policies, but before this bill, the Stop Online Piracy Act or SOPA, can be pushed through, the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing to debate the act. Sadly, the hearing was - quite obviously - rigged. It was set up so that Big Content and Congress could label Google and other opponents to the law as "the pirates". In fact, Google was the only party opposing SOPA.
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No, it's not. The US has a strong and well established checks and balance system that provide for the rights of individuals to express themselves, bitch about their government and elected officials, and even arm themselves with automatic weapons so they can depose 'the man' if he gets out of hand.

A) Russia also has those checks and balances, but there is this thing called self-censorship that basically kills a lot of rights. US is going fast down the road of self-censorship.
B) Arming themselves is a very useless thing these days. A team of trained soldiers will easily take out a town full of armed civilians. There is just no substitute for training that soldiers get these days. Come back, when towns are allowed to have their own military. The provision was written over 200 years ago with the 18th century world in mind.

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uh.... explain egypt? They had billions of dollars in US training/forces provided, didn't stop them from rolling the government.

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Weak governments fall. And weak governments tend to fall without support of the military.

US indoctrination is still exceptionally strong. I would even rate it at the level of North Korea. It's just the objects of indoctrination are different. But both system imply high level of conservatism. And US is an exceptionally conservative country overall.

Yes, what I am saying is that the liberals in US would totally destroy US as it is. If liberals take charge, that is. Not that it implies that it's a bad thing for US. Maybe it's time to reinvent itself.

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The military in Egypt changed sides. It choose the popular side, but it was the military that took control of Egypt not the people. In fact there are now new trouble in Egypt because it appears the military is not giving up its new powers as quickly as promised.

Libya is a different story, but a story with a military heavily crippled by external forces.

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