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Legal The legal fire between Barnes & Noble and Microsoft is flaring up even more. B&N has filed a compilation or prior art to Microsoft's patents. B&N is proving just how easily and quickly Samsung, HTC, and other buckled to Microsoft's protection racket: we're talking 43 (!) pages of prior art, drawing from things like old Netscape releases, GNU Emacs, and much more. If B&N can create such a monumental list of prior art, why didn't Samsung or HTC? Amazing.
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by arpan on Sun 20th Nov 2011 08:51 UTC in reply to "Comment by JokeyRhyme"
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B&N & Amazon are basically taking Android and reskinning & rebranding it. Basically Google pays for the development but does not get the benefits from this, so why would they be willing to bear further expense in defending them?

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