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Google Last June, CNET disclosed that Google collects and publishes the estimated locations of millions of phones, laptops, and other Wi-Fi devices. All without their owner's knowledge or permission. Google has finally announced how to exclude your home network from this database. Simply append "_nomap" to its name. Details over at CNET. Left unsaid is why the burden is placed on millions of individuals to opt-out, instead of on perpetrator Google.
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by Alfman on Mon 21st Nov 2011 19:10 UTC
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Some people here are saying that the SSID advertisement should be disabled, however this does not technically stop the so called "broadcast" of MAC addresses in every frame over the air (these are called BSSIDs). It's not possible to use WiFi technology without broadcasting a unique BSSID/MAC address over the air.

When google's cars were collecting WiFi data, they captured every frame of WiFi traffic, not just the advertisement beacons.

Does anyone know the scope of WiFi data being submitted through android devices? Is it limited to ESSID beacons?


With the correct drivers in promiscuous mode wireshark will show exactly what kind of data goes over the air.

A 802.11 WiFi frame is very similar to ethernet. You can definitely create a map of all WiFi devices regardless of whether they are encrypted/advertised/etc.

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