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Google With the announcement of its new Search app, Google gave iPad users more than just a slick and well-made native search app that bests the experience on any Android tablet. It also managed to squeeze the core elements of Chrome OS into Apple's ecosystem.
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RE[2]: Irrelevant
by Laurence on Tue 22nd Nov 2011 13:27 UTC in reply to "RE: Irrelevant"
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Umh no, Chrome OS was an OS that was immutable and didn't need any configuration/installation/updating. In the end it would start a full-screen browser window as the "GUI" making it " the perfect internet appliance"

(of course updates were possible by entering a special "hardware" maintenance mode)


It may have essentially been a crippled Linux distro, but it's no less an OS than SplashTop or any of the other intentionally "light" OSs.

So to port ChromeOS to iOS, Google would have to write an entire virtual machine to emulate everything from the Linux kernel and upwards. This doesn't even remotely do this. This isn't even a port of Chrome browser. This is just a few shortcuts (with a degree of preloaded content for speed) tied in with Apple's own webkit APIs.

All this article demonstrates is the ability for an ignorant author to drum up BS hype about a pretty average mobile app.

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