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Window Managers Calm window manager (mainly known for its shorthand name cwm) is a member of a once-powerful and now-declining family of minimalist X11 window managers. It is relatively unknown outside the OpenBSD community, but it deserves more notice.
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RE[3]: Mouse-less interface
by tux68 on Wed 23rd Nov 2011 19:01 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Mouse-less interface"
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First, a mouse-based interface has been proven to be faster than a keyboard-based interface.

You're over generalizing. There are definitely cases where a mouse-based interface is dog-slow compared to keyboard interface. In fact I'd be willing to challenge you to a text editing contest where you use the GUI of your choice against my use of the Linux TUI with tools such as vim etc.

Having said that, there are many cases where users can communicate their intentions more efficiently with a GUI. It's just far from a universal truth.

To bring it back to the topic at hand; my feeling is that the Calm window manager allows users to be very efficient, perhaps much more so than say the new Gnome WM.

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