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Windows The Windows 8 blog has a post about the improvements in Windows 8's installation process. "For Windows 8, our goal was to continue to improve reliability while also improving the installation experience and raw performance. Not only did we want it to be rock solid, but also faster and easier to use." Thankfully, the features us geeks like are still there.
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RE[10]: "us geeks?"
by ngaio on Wed 23rd Nov 2011 19:18 UTC in reply to "RE[9]: "us geeks?""
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Thanks! I wasn't aware of that site. I'm honored.

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RE[11]: "us geeks?"
by lucas_maximus on Thu 24th Nov 2011 00:36 in reply to "RE[10]: "us geeks?""
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Thanks! I wasn't aware of that site. I'm honored.

Not really ... I think you are a freetard. It is hardly an honour. It is really sad that you think that civil rights movement has anything to do with what is the end of the day computer code ... However you have failed to actually acknowledge this time and time again ...

You are either stupid or trolling ...

BTW if that is the best response you can come up with after over 11 hours .. really?

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RE[12]: "us geeks?"
by ngaio on Thu 24th Nov 2011 00:48 in reply to "RE[11]: "us geeks?""
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Actually for me it is an honor. There is no chance I'd ever participate in something of that nature. I prefer to put my time into building things.

As for the civil rights and anti-colonialism angle -- are you familiar with the range of economic arguments people like Dr. King and Gandhi made? I mean the actual historic examples and the theory behind them. For instance are you aware of the cloth boycott Gandhi undertook? Do you understand why Gandhi and King made the arguments they did? Do you know the historical meaning of the term "self-reliance"?

If so, can you see the strong parallels between free software and these struggles? A lot of people can. It's easy to find them if you take the time to look.

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