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Windows The Windows 8 blog has a post about the improvements in Windows 8's installation process. "For Windows 8, our goal was to continue to improve reliability while also improving the installation experience and raw performance. Not only did we want it to be rock solid, but also faster and easier to use." Thankfully, the features us geeks like are still there.
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RE[10]: "us geeks?"
by ngaio on Thu 24th Nov 2011 07:39 UTC in reply to "RE[9]: "us geeks?""
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It is an undeniable reality that the use of proprietary software is inescapably connected to wealth inequality. And it's also an undeniable reality that our world is currently full of profound inequalities that are far from inevitable.

Essentially our disagreement comes down to this: you by and large support actively existing arrangements, and I don't. That is the crux of the argument.

In social psychology there is a large body of work that has delved into the kinds of processes and conditions that are associated with those who justify existing systems of inequality. It's highly likely you and I score very differently with respect to indices like social dominance orientation, and possibly right wing authoritarianism.

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