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Legal While the US is still pondering SOPA, we just got some absolutely fantastic news out of Europe. The European Court of Justice, the highest court in the European Union, has just ruled that P2P filters installed by ISPs violate the European Directive on electronic commerce as well as fundamental rights [full ruling]. This is a hugely important ruling that effectively protects all member states of the European Union from ever being subjected to ISP filtering and spying.
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RE[2]: Freedom of business
by blitze on Fri 25th Nov 2011 07:25 UTC in reply to "RE: Freedom of business"
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I think I stand with the German Constitutional Court on this one Thom, the Government is there to provide services and not to impair on the day to day decisions of it's citizens. It is when Governments seek to make decisions for us that restrict our liberties and freedoms be they for good or sinister intentions, Governments then become a problem.

Now we have most of the EU dancing to the tune of the "Markets" and I hope for the sake of the EU (a concept I like but not happy with it's current implementation), that it wakes up and realises the poor choice of music they are dancing too.

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