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Legal While the US is still pondering SOPA, we just got some absolutely fantastic news out of Europe. The European Court of Justice, the highest court in the European Union, has just ruled that P2P filters installed by ISPs violate the European Directive on electronic commerce as well as fundamental rights [full ruling]. This is a hugely important ruling that effectively protects all member states of the European Union from ever being subjected to ISP filtering and spying.
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let me tell u a story
by levente on Fri 25th Nov 2011 10:09 UTC
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just trolling, but let me tell u a story about my life... i am not a social person in the terms that i have lots of personal friends, rather, i like to hang at arbitrary places and have a debate with more or less anyone...

i enrolled university 1996, EE in sweden... in that particular year 320 students were admitted to study. apart fro the shortage of females, social life was not so bad ;) the EE students (and others as well), had our own place to take a beer or a coffe - there were hooks in the wall for each to hang the personal mug on, there were lots of people in the computer halls in the basement, lots of people in the reading rooms... in short, u were never alone...

in about 2000, all the student dorms in the city were atached to the university LAN, and in a period of some weeks, all the student facilities became empty of people... no one was in the cafeteria, no one in the reading rooms, no one in the computer halls... after the lectures, everyone rushed home to finish the studys, so thet they can watch the latest downloaded movie... i am not easily enterteined, but i tried to adapt and do what other did. i watched the movies...
of course, then came world of warcraft also, but i never played...

i was a moderatly cheerful being, moderatly social, and when u got to know me, quite friendly... but, slowly, i became mentally ill. rage and hatred towards my fellow humans consumed me...

so, my fellow lowlifes, me letting the rage and insanaty talk, let me tell u something...
i know who u people are... all this talk about free speech and liberties is just a show... u burn for content, its all u want, julia roberts and chuck norris to chase away the void and the shadows in ur life...
are u happey with this ruling? does the crap u download fill upp your little miserable life? are u enterteind? got a boner? is it hermione? or potter?

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RE: let me tell u a story
by static666 on Fri 25th Nov 2011 11:50 in reply to " let me tell u a story"
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P.S. An interesting fact it is, Sweden is heavily on WoW needle. Must be the higher than average household income in EU, so that everyone can afford to have and account and active subscription.

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RE: let me tell u a story
by Thom_Holwerda on Fri 25th Nov 2011 11:55 in reply to " let me tell u a story"
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Considering I barely download a thing (and only American TV shows you can't watch here anyway), I'm not entirely sure what all this is supposed to mean. Looks like to me you're just trying to blame your own problems in your life on external factors, while instead, you should look at yourself.

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RE[2]: let me tell u a story
by levente on Fri 25th Nov 2011 12:54 in reply to "RE: let me tell u a story"
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u r wise, i respect u

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RE: let me tell u a story
by ephracis on Fri 25th Nov 2011 13:10 in reply to " let me tell u a story"
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Wonderful trolling! ;)

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