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OpenStep, GNUstep "A little over one year after the 1.0 release, I'm happy to announce the 1.6 release of the GNUstep Objective-C runtime. This provides a superset of the functionality of Apple's Mac OS X 10.7/iOS 5 runtimes and provides a solid foundation for Objective-C and Objective-C++ development on Free Software platforms."
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RE: The NextStep
by Kivada on Sat 26th Nov 2011 07:58 UTC in reply to "The NextStep"
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We can't have a Mac Wine? I'd love to have Rosetta ported to Linux for all my old PPC software that wasn't made Universal Binary that I had collected before I ditched Apple hardware.

Why? My old G4 boxes are getting kind crusty and buying replacement parts for them is a hassle.

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RE[2]: The NextStep
by zima on Fri 2nd Dec 2011 23:47 in reply to "RE: The NextStep"
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There's always PearPC... (or even SheepShaver, if those are just Mac OS Classic apps, still)

Yeah, nominally a bit slow method - but it shouldn't matter much with a software which essentially stands still, and with the continuing massive progress of (also per single core) CPU performance.

(and hey, you already own the OS / in sane jurisdictions one is perfectly entitled to run it "wherever" - as long as running only one copy at a time)

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