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Editorial My previous article described how you can use your tech knowledge to profit from the stock market -- if you combine it with financial analysis and careful research. This article analyzes several tech stocks. The goal is to start a useful discussion. What is your opinion of these companies? Even if you don't invest, this matters if you are in employed in IT. You're betting your career on the companies in whose products you specialize! You don't want to pick losers.
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RE[4]: $20 Dollars
by hackus on Sat 26th Nov 2011 19:58 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: $20 Dollars"
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For every 1 that has been successful, I can name 10 that went broke.

I would like to point out, that over the years, through currency inflation, and revaluation/destruction of the currencies, those calculations are far from correct.

Particularly in the case of your 1500's Japanese company example.

Ironically, every one of those currencies when those companies were either created or destroyed, were re-evaluated in...


For the companies, countries or institutions you cite.

Good try though.

You know, there is a good reason why Gold is at $1600 or so an ounce right now. It isn't because people think the worlds gonna end.

It isn't because people are Gold bugs, and it isn't because gold is in a bubble.

People are buying gold because they are seeing FACTS of the situation:

1) The Robber Barons have returned, and they want all the money YOU STOLE from them. They want your car, your house, your bank account balance.


They are getting it too, just read the paper. Watch your congress pass laws that make them able to seize just about anything they want.

They are even taking peoples homes they don't owe a dime on!

2) With corruption, comes destruction. Historically when these types of people arrive on the scene, the currency goes to shit.

That means after you work hard all day long, next year your hourly wage buys less.

I don't want to work the same hours and earn less than I did last year. I want to keep what I earn, and I want it to buy stuff I need, no matter how long I keep my money.

3) Governments get, historically when these Robber Barons return, they get brutal and they steal _everything_ they can get their hands on.

Gold provides a way for you to save what you have even after they sieze your house and your property.

A good example is in Germany when they experienced war and currency collapse. 1 ounce of Gold kept hidden safely, bought 1 families safe trip over the german border into switzerland.

Why? Because some soldiers can be bribed, in exchange for not shooting you if you give them gold. (In the US, we don't have soldiers on the street corners....._yet_.)

There are so many historical lessons for owning gold over paper money, I really don't understand why people have such a hard time with it.

Also, I would like to point out, most people who own Gold right now, use to own stocks.

They got out, because they now understand the system is being run by criminals, and cannot be trusted to hold their investments for a long length of time safely.

In 2002 I use to own a 401K, but I understood what was happening, and I paid the _substantial_ penalty and bought all gold and silver with it.

In closing, the other historical aspect to this is, deja vu. This is a cycle. Once the government is replaced, and the thieves are removed from finance, naturally we will see a return to honest investing.

That is the good news. Then Gold and the new currency will be revaluated, and buying stocks and owning less Gold will be in vogue again.

The bad news is, historically, that only happens after huge depressions, and world wars that follow from them.

I doubt this time will be any different.


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RE[5]: $20 Dollars
by unclefester on Sun 27th Nov 2011 09:19 in reply to "RE[4]: $20 Dollars"
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I suggest you read this before commenting further.

If you bought gold in 1980 you would be 25% down in real terms.

If you bought Dow indexed stocks in1980 you would be up 600% in real terms.

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