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Linux So, it's no secret that the Linux desktop - at least, the GNOME-side of things - is a bit in a state of disarray. Unity hasn't exactly gone down well with a lot of people, and GNOME 3, too, hasn't been met with universal praise. So, what to do? Linux Mint, currently one of the most popular Linux distributions out there, thinks they are on to the solution with their latest release, Linux Mint 12.
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Nice contender
by Liquidator on Sun 27th Nov 2011 23:35 UTC
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I'm seriously considering Mint as an Ubuntu replacement. I'll take my decision when Ubuntu releases a new version. The last two Ubuntu version are just too disappointing.

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RE: Nice contender
by dusanyu on Mon 28th Nov 2011 00:46 in reply to "Nice contender"
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I replace Ubuntu on Some Machines of mine months ago.

2011 was the Return of Slackware on the desktop.

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RE[2]: Nice contender
by ggeldenhuys on Mon 28th Nov 2011 16:54 in reply to "RE: Nice contender"
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Definitely! But my choice was Slackware + JWM window manager. My computer stays in my control and fast.

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RE: Nice contender
by lucas_maximus on Mon 28th Nov 2011 01:08 in reply to "Nice contender"
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Try Fuduntu

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RE[2]: Nice contender
by alibadrelsayed on Tue 29th Nov 2011 08:49 in reply to "RE: Nice contender"
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believe me bro, after long experience with more than 40 linux distros and other OSs (solaris, dexOS, visopsysOS, haikuOS, skyOS, etc) I stick with PinguyOS and Puppy, those are the splendid OS I ever use, take my advice and give it a try you won't regret it.

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RE: Nice contender
by muszek on Mon 28th Nov 2011 12:45 in reply to "Nice contender"
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I've used Ubuntu from 5.04 all the way to the point when 11.10 was released. Then I switched to LMDE (Linux Mint Debian Edition) and couldn't be happier. Gnome 2.x is still here (and I was told will stay here for a few more months) and it's much more responsive than Ubuntu 11.04 (on Gnome 2.x, I couldn't stand Unity for more than a few hours).

I'll just waiting till all the Gnome 3 drama settles and we're offered something usable solution (MGSE sounds like it might be the solution, but I surely don't want to use it before it matures a bit).

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RE: Nice contender
by BluenoseJake on Mon 28th Nov 2011 13:53 in reply to "Nice contender"
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Debian, it's a better Ubuntu, and a better Mint. I've switched back entirely to Debian Stable + backports on my desktops, and xubuntu on my laptops. Stable gives Gnome 2.3, plus the awesome stability of Debian, without the Ubuntu bloat.

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