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Linux So, it's no secret that the Linux desktop - at least, the GNOME-side of things - is a bit in a state of disarray. Unity hasn't exactly gone down well with a lot of people, and GNOME 3, too, hasn't been met with universal praise. So, what to do? Linux Mint, currently one of the most popular Linux distributions out there, thinks they are on to the solution with their latest release, Linux Mint 12.
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RE[3]: gtk theme still sucks
by YEPHENAS on Mon 28th Nov 2011 01:26 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: gtk theme still sucks"
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First impressions count and if this is so easy to fix (which you comments alludes to), why the fuck hasn't it happened?

And disappoint those (including me) who consider the bigger widgets beautiful and find them better clickable?

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lucas_maximus Member since:

You optimize for the most common use case and make those less popular still possible.

If you are in the majority of users which like it ... then it is fine, if there are a majority of users that don't like it then it must be changed and tough titties to you.

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