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Hardware, Embedded Systems Okay, I think we can all agree on the fact that while Microsoft's Surface machines might not be particularly useful for most of us, we all secretly want one, or something similar. Thanks to EXOPC, you'll now be able to: for $1299, you'll have a 40" multitouch interactive desk.
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RE[2]: 21st century - 2015..
by zima on Mon 28th Nov 2011 23:53 UTC in reply to "RE: 21st century - 2015.."
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We have space travel for half a century. Flying cars even longer - they're just called aircraft or, particularly, helicopters.

Yes, not quite the way they are (still) imagined... and there are very good reasons for that. Similar to how we didn't build trains in ways similar to, say, galleons. Different thing, different conditions, different mode of operation - and "cargo cults" (often very "directed" by momentary trends*) of sort, from works of fiction, won't change that (especially considering how most end up quite wrong; we just like to remember those which are kinda-a-bit "correct")

Look at those aircraft (Wiki URL with Unicode characters, often strange things happen...) from "our" times, as imagined ~130 years ago (*curiously, during rapid advancements of marine tech...). And we can even build them (take a Harrier, remove wings and canopy) - still a horrible idea versus "boring" reality:

Or, sometimes even something ~roadable - I particularly like this one's_Technology_and_Education_Center#I-Fly_Maverick as one of few practical ones - and mostly because it's essentially an oversized powered paraglider trike (but with four wheels obviously ;p )

So I suspect that, with flying cars, the general message of this commercial might get even stronger over time ;)
Plus, in relatively short amount of time: fleets of efficiently moving autonomous cars, making travel not only much smoother already but also not a wasted time (the "different mode" thing), during which everybody can do something.

Space elevator - not only we're nearing the area of "magical technology" (which would massively obsolete old dreams, also of "big and glorious scifi-style space travel") to build it, it's also quite possibly a bad idea around the Earth... (we already might not be too far from Kessler Syndrome)

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