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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless With WebOS out of the picture and the Blackberry Playbook as good as gone as well, we really only have iOS and Android left until Windows 8 comes out. I’ve finally gotten around to getting an Android device myself and spent the last week trying to see if my theoretical knowledge of the system and what I remember from the last Android device I had (which ran 1.6, viewed as ancient in Android land) fits reality. Read on for a full tear down and comparison on the two OSes.
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RE: A few things overlooked
by WorknMan on Wed 30th Nov 2011 22:39 UTC in reply to "A few things overlooked"
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For instance, apps that cost money on iOS often have comparable apps on Android that are free. Bonus.

Yeah, but many of the free apps are also infested with ads, and it's often due to the fact that devs feel that Android users are not willing to pay for apps. Honestly, I'd rather have the option to pay the developer a buck or two and kill the ads.

I know a lot of people are willing to put up with the ads, but Android doesn't often give you the option of choosing one method over the other. Because of this, I just root my Android devices and install adfree ;) But if devs offer an ad-infested version and a paid version, I will still buy the paid versions.

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