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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless With WebOS out of the picture and the Blackberry Playbook as good as gone as well, we really only have iOS and Android left until Windows 8 comes out. I’ve finally gotten around to getting an Android device myself and spent the last week trying to see if my theoretical knowledge of the system and what I remember from the last Android device I had (which ran 1.6, viewed as ancient in Android land) fits reality. Read on for a full tear down and comparison on the two OSes.
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by Neolander on Thu 1st Dec 2011 08:37 UTC
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Honestly, neither. For all I hate Nokia for what they did to Symbian, I'd rather go back to using s40 phones and hack some J2ME apps to get the features I miss ;)

But if I really had to choose, it would probably be Android, because I believe that its technical issues have more chance to get fixed over time than iOS' ethical issues. As an example, it seems that work has finally begun on solving Android's longstanding touch responsiveness problems, whereas one still cannot easily distribute iOS apps that did not receive Apple's approval.

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RE: Neither
by darknexus on Thu 1st Dec 2011 09:50 in reply to "Neither"
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Ah, Symbian S60. My all-time favorite mobile os. Lightweight, responsive, and it didn't hog the battery. Damn Nokia forever for what they did to it. I held out with Symbian as long as I could, but eventually I gave in for the convenience of actually having decent modern apps. The really sad thing is, if Nokia and the Symbian foundation hadn't gone bonkers with those $200/year certificates for app distribution as of S63rd, there could've been third party Symbian markets for years yet. But who's going to pay that kind of money to develop for a dead platform?

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RE[2]: Neither
by _txf_ on Thu 1st Dec 2011 16:48 in reply to "RE: Neither"
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Ah, Symbian S60. My all-time favorite mobile os. Lightweight, responsive, and it didn't hog the battery.

I liked symbian too. However only 2 of those 3 were correct. I generally found S60 to be kind of sluggish at times, but it was so capable in a device with only physical buttons that I didn't care.

I Think what held it back also was the complete weirdness of symbian c++. If only they had gone with Qt sooner...

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RE: Neither
by bitwelder on Thu 1st Dec 2011 11:52 in reply to "Neither"
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I fully agree.
I'm also waiting to see the 'new generation' of post-S40 devices.

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