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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless With WebOS out of the picture and the Blackberry Playbook as good as gone as well, we really only have iOS and Android left until Windows 8 comes out. I’ve finally gotten around to getting an Android device myself and spent the last week trying to see if my theoretical knowledge of the system and what I remember from the last Android device I had (which ran 1.6, viewed as ancient in Android land) fits reality. Read on for a full tear down and comparison on the two OSes.
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RE[2]: Well...
by Morgan on Thu 1st Dec 2011 20:58 UTC in reply to "RE: Well..."
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Well that's a bit melodramatic. To my knowledge none of the three companies I mentioned have killed anyone, though I believe some blame Apple for a factory worker's suicide a few years back.

My reasons for each differ, but all three companies have done things that pissed me off on a personal level in the past. I can tell you what I consider the worst for each:

Microsoft flexed their monopolistic muscle and convinced Compaq not to sell computers with BeOS, which helped to finish off the dying software company.

Apple has been using their patent portfolio to try to put other tablet makers out of business in Europe, since they can't get away with it here in the US. As far as I'm concerned it would be no different from trying to stop Dell or HP from making computers, or HTC and Motorola from making phones. Oh wait...

And as for Sony, well those bastards put Lik-Sang out of business overtly because they were selling Sony hardware without "permission", but it's an open secret they did it to stop Lik-Sang from selling Sega and Nintendo products, as they were a real threat to Sony's market share in Asia and Europe. That flies in the face of logic as Sony was making money off of Lik-Sang and their own executives in Europe enjoyed the fact that they could get Sony gear there when their own company prevented it otherwise.

Of course that wasn't my only reason for hating Sony; there's the rootkit debacle and the fact that for years they tried to cover up serious hardware issues with the Vaio laptop series. But the Lik-Sang deal personally affected me, as it was the only place I could find certain Sega products.

So, hardly a "blood diamond" situation on all counts, but I still have serious issues with each company. I know I don't have to justify my purchasing decisions, but in the case of Windows Phone 7, thanks to Microsoft's patent wizardry they would get more money from me if I bought an Android phone than a WP7 phone anyway, and I get a better interface with WP7.

As for Apple, I haven't bought anything new from the company since 2005 but there's no reason to give up what products I do still own and use. In fact, hanging on to this Mac mini I bought used in 2007 and my 2nd gen iPod shuffle prevents me from buying new products from them. Gotta love the fact that their own high product quality and lasting value actually prevents sales! ;)

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RE[3]: Well...
by shmerl on Thu 1st Dec 2011 21:20 in reply to "RE[2]: Well..."
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I was referring to it allegorically, saying that these companies are known for their dishonest monopolistic practices (which you already listed quite a few above). I'd just avoid buying their products when possible, in order not to support "dark empires".

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