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Features, Office's latest update includes a database that matches Microsoft's popular and competing Access database, experts say. The stand-alone database rounds out the offering by bringing long-missing, important database power to users. Users will be able to create stand-alone databases, associated forms, reports and queries, much as with Microsoft's extremely popular and widely used Access database.
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Hard to believe they have used it
by alcibiades on Sat 22nd Oct 2005 21:17 UTC
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If you set up a simple database in Filemaker, and try to do the same thing in this, you can see at once it is no contest. I did one the other day, about a couple of thousand records and about 40 fields per record. In FM, to get the fields in and import the data took me all of 10 minutes. To do some layouts and get the buttons set up for my users, about a couple of hours more.

Try it in this. Just try it. Then if you still think there is a contest, well, I'll be amazed. Look, for instance, at field creation and typing. Compare how they work. In FM you create, type, and move on. Here you create them all, then type them.... No thanks. And inserting buttons and so on. Forget it. The other bits of OO are fine, but this part is well below the DB part of Claris Works!

There are two things open source seems unable to do. One is a decent outliner. The other is an end user database.

Anyone want to join in and make either one?

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This is a 1.0 release, while FileMaker has what, over 20 years and 8 .0 releases under its belt?

Of course it isn't up to FileMaker's standard, any moron could figure that out and the reasons why.

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It is not about whether we can find reasons why it is not at the same level as Filemaker. There are always reasons for relatively poor performance. It is about what that performance actually is. It is about how usable it is in its present form. Like it or not, in end user databases, there are standards of usability, and these were probably set by Filemaker 3 or 4. The question is, whether OO Base is a viable contender. It is not. Not yet.

What people need to do is stop making excuses or justifying suppliers or packages, and look hard at the real facts about them. Calling this moronic is part of the hysterical partisanship that disfigures many open forums, and makes intelligent discussion impossible.

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