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Privacy, Security, Encryption If you're modest, think twice before having sex in your van, truck, or RV. Law enforcement uses roving vans with backscatter X-ray technology to peer inside vehicles (the same technology used in airport body scanners). In the Land of the Free, authorities don't request search warrants. More at Forbes here and here. What, you don't want an X-ray bath?
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Comment by v_bobok
by v_bobok on Fri 2nd Dec 2011 12:59 UTC
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What? I mean govs are baddies, but... Really? You have no other place to play daddley-the-rapist other that in your f-kin car? Strange people living on the face of the strange planet, go figure.

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RE: Comment by v_bobok
by Bounty on Fri 2nd Dec 2011 17:54 in reply to "Comment by v_bobok"
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I'm guessing the people driving these vans are not just imaging suspect's cars. They are apparently operating w/o warrants.

"Lets see who's getting laid in this neighborhood tonight!"
"Hey look, that guy's masturbating, lets irradiate him."

Basically try to picture Beavis and Butthead operating these things, because that's probably who is actually doing it.

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RE[2]: Comment by v_bobok
by looncraz on Fri 2nd Dec 2011 19:16 in reply to "RE: Comment by v_bobok"
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I was a "Security Officer" for high-risk (danger/security) jobs for quite some time. You are more right than you know!!

--The loon

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RE: Comment by v_bobok
by Alleister on Sun 4th Dec 2011 01:17 in reply to "Comment by v_bobok"
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You never had sex in a car in your life? You must have had very boring late teen years.

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