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Windows Windows 8 will have both the new Metro-style applications and user interface and the traditional Windows 7 desktop for legacy applications, which kind of runs like an application. Since legacy applications have to be recompiled to run on ARM anyway, it's always been a bit unclear if the ARM version of Windows 8 would include the legacy desktop at all - even Microsoft itself confirmed it wasn't sure yet. Microsoft bloggers Mary-Jo Foley and Paul Thurrot have fresh rumours that Microsoft has now made the decision to remove the legacy desktop from the ARM version.
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if they do so...
by churlish_Helmut on Fri 2nd Dec 2011 18:51 UTC
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Technically, this is a rational choice. I mean, this legacy desktop (i hate this word for it) is an System made for x86 PC - unless there is something like Rosetta for ARM Processors, there would no use in the ARM-legacy desktop.

But what are the push factors to use windows 8 on a tablet when it will be somehow a totally new desktop`? Most of the windows 8 Apps will be - i just guess - available for iOS or Andoid - because they have the bigger market. An PC Users will use the "legacy desktop" for the next 5 to 10 years (just a guess).

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RE: if they do so...
by bassbeast on Sun 4th Dec 2011 09:50 in reply to "if they do so..."
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Nooo...what would be a RATIONAL choice would be to call it something like MSFT Tablet OS or even WinTablet but trying to get developers to develop for a lame duck ARM OS that will bomb just like WinMo AND WinPhone by trying to piggy back it on top of Windows, thus both burning developers AND customers who'll bring back these "Windows tablets" when they find that Windows tablets can't actually run WINDOWS programs is about as far from rational as one can get.

I'm sorry friend but Ballmer has been sitting in Redmond wearing an 'I heart Apple!' T-shirt and having naughty dreams about him and an iPad and thus rationality or even sanity was left about 4 exists back. This abortion is gonna make Vista look like Win95 and the most truthful statement I've heard about Win 8 Mistake Edition is from a little old lady, one of about 150 customers of mine I've shown the developer preview to (BTW NONE of them liked or wanted what they saw) when she said this: "My that's a pretty looking cell phone on the screen, is that an Android? I've heard of those, its supposed to be nice...what do you mean Windows? Windows what? Well that is just stupid! Why would i want a cell phone on my computer?"

Its a bastard child of a cell phone and tablet GUI being forced onto the entire world because Steve Ballmer can't stand the thought of people not buying winPad when the whole reason people buy Windows is for WINDOWS PROGRAMS which this won't run. i personally think the engineers at MSFT have gotten sick of him and know the only way to get rid of Billy's little buddy is to give him everything he wants so the OS is such an abomination the board will have no choice but to can him. I can see some engineers going 'Oh sure Steve, a touch GUI even for non touch desktops and laptops? that's brilliant!' "snicker snicker" and Ballmer giving pep talks saying "And with this we'll FINALLY be as cool and hip as Apple! Yes we will! We really really will! STOP LAUGHING AT ME!" followed by chairs flying out of windows. i'm just glad Win 7 is supported until 2020 because my customers and i are gonna avoid that pile of mess completely, no thanks Ballmer.

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RE[2]: if they do so...
by lucas_maximus on Sun 4th Dec 2011 15:38 in reply to "RE: if they do so..."
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If you actually watch the Windows 8 intro video and developer video. For a developer (especially those that come from a web based background), Windows 8 is bloody fantastic.

One can write my apps either in XAML and C# or HTML 5 and JS, which hook straight into the WinRT API. I think you can even style the GUI using CSS ... which is much easier than WinForms and Swing.

Windows 8 Preview is already pretty stable considering it is a tech preview.

However I would be sad if the Classic Desktop was removed completely, I have been dreaming of an ARM based netbook with Windows on since I saw the SoC demo near the beginning of the year.

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