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Legal "A bill recently introduced in Congress would greatly expand the exemption to the Fair Labor Standards Act for IT employees, ending overtime benefits for many more types of workers, including network, database and security specialists." The Democrat senator of North-Carolina has introduced an even worse version of the bill, which specifically exempts database and network specialists and security professionals from overtime benefits. Say, isn't some company building a huge data centre in North-Carolina? I'm sure it's all a coincidence.
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Changes nothing
by Alfman on Sat 3rd Dec 2011 00:02 UTC
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I didn't realise that any US IT professions were entitled to overtime pay, I thought we were all equally excluded already.

While this changes absolutely nothing for me, let me join the naysayers in booing this bill.

I've had to work many 50+ hour weeks and weekends with absolutely no compensation, I've even been called for support while on vacation. If we don't put our feet down then corporations won't stop at anything to get more out of us for free. For most of us it's just part of the job. As previously mentioned, the law explicitly excludes most of us on salaries from overtime pay.

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