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Editorial A reader asks: "Can someone comment on the legality of using my brother's old Snow Leopard DVD to install OS X? My brother has Lion, so why can't he choose to give it to me? It doesn't violate Apple's 1 license per 1 computer policy."
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For me...
by Mage66 on Sat 3rd Dec 2011 13:56 UTC
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The best way to run MacOS X is on Apple Hardware.

Mac Mini's are so cheap, it's not worth fiddling with a Hackintosh. I've played with Hackintoshes since the first developer release of MacOS X 10.4.1 on hardware that was the same as the developer MacPro less the DRM chip.

It's just not worth the problems, like the hassles when an update comes out that hoses the system.

If there were a system which was cheaper, and didn't make me spend more time fixing things that get broken by updates than using it, I'd probably build one.

Meanwhile, the Macbook I picked up on eBay for $350 works fine for all my Mac needs.

The time I spend keeping a Hackintosh costs something too.

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