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Google A new report from StatCounter says Chrome's popularity now edges out Firefox. It says Chrome has a 25.69% share of the global browser market while Firefox claims 25.23%. Microsoft's Internet Explorer is still #1 with a 40.63% share. If true, Google has pulled off quite a feat with a browser they only introduced in late 2008. StatCounter claims to measure browser use rather than just downloads.
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RE[3]: I am back to Firefox
by lucas_maximus on Sun 4th Dec 2011 00:21 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: I am back to Firefox"
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This is completely wrong, but not the first time I've seen this myth being propagated.

The truth is that Google and Mozilla Corp. have a revenue sharing program around search. This is a contract between two commercial entities, there is no "funding" here.

You are splitting hairs, either way Mozilla gets cash from Google for using it as the default search engine.

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RE[4]: I am back to Firefox
by kragil on Sun 4th Dec 2011 09:04 in reply to "RE[3]: I am back to Firefox"
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Well, it is not like Google is giving Mozilla money. The money is related to search. If nobody uses Firefox anymore Mozilla will not get any money PERIOD
So if you use Chrome instead of FF you take away money from non-profit Mozilla (although they have a corp to handle it all) and save the money for Google.

And I don't give a flying fuck that less than 1 GB is edge case. There might not be a lot of geeks with less, but there are so many computers on this planet with less they might not be Google marketing target but they want to use the web too and Firefox is currently the much better choice for them. Trust me, I know. Chrome might be more secure and all but opening a lot of tabs it sure as hell uses a whole lot more memory.

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lucas_maximus Member since:

Simple solution. Don't open as many tabs.

Having like more than 20 tabs wasn't the intended use of tabs in the first place.

If you have that many open you can't be possibly reading them all, if you need to read it later there is already two mechanisms in place to help you ... History and Bookmarks.

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