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Windows Windows 8 will have both the new Metro-style applications and user interface and the traditional Windows 7 desktop for legacy applications, which kind of runs like an application. Since legacy applications have to be recompiled to run on ARM anyway, it's always been a bit unclear if the ARM version of Windows 8 would include the legacy desktop at all - even Microsoft itself confirmed it wasn't sure yet. Microsoft bloggers Mary-Jo Foley and Paul Thurrot have fresh rumours that Microsoft has now made the decision to remove the legacy desktop from the ARM version.
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ARM on the desktop
by biffuz on Sun 4th Dec 2011 23:03 UTC
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<strike>ARM on the desktop</strike>

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RE: ARM on the desktop
by lemur2 on Mon 5th Dec 2011 07:42 in reply to "ARM on the desktop"
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ARM on the desktop

... is available right now, today.

Plasma Active on Archos G9 tablet

Plasma Active and the Mer OS have been installed successfully on the ARCHOS G9 tablet.

Mer is Free and Open Source Software being developed in the open based on work from the Core section of the MeeGo Project. It is optimized for HTML5/QML/JS and provides a mobile-optimized base Linux distribution for use by device manufacturers.

ARCHOS G9 tablets feature Texas Instruments ARM Cortex™ A9 based OMAP™ 4 smart multi-core processors along with GPS, WiFi and the ability to add a standard PC 3G stick.

Plasma Active is a tablet OS with the power of a full-featured desktop.

Plasma Active will work with Calligra Active.


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RE[2]: ARM on the desktop
by jal_ on Mon 5th Dec 2011 09:34 in reply to "RE: ARM on the desktop"
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Enjoy what? We're talking about ARM desktop and you spam us some links to a tablet?

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RE[2]: ARM on the desktop
by biffuz on Mon 5th Dec 2011 13:01 in reply to "RE: ARM on the desktop"
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That's not a desktop, it's a tablet with a desktop OS slapped on it. I can't think of anything worse.

And I don't want a desktop with a tablet OS slapped on it either. As 99% of the people who actually work on their desktops do.

But the point here isn't about "a" desktop OS, is about Windows/Office. No classic Windows/Office = no desktop market of any decent size (unless you're Apple). And even having it isn't enough to grant you success - think PowerPC, MIPS, Alpha, and Itanium. Today it may be a little different, but not _so_ much.

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