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Windows Valid Windows NTFS folder names, rogue antivirus products, dual-boot Windows 7/Windows XP systems - find out how much you really know about everyone's favorite whipping post OS by taking the Windows IQ Test.
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RE: Trivia...
by WereCatf on Tue 6th Dec 2011 11:27 UTC in reply to "Trivia..."
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This is more of a trivia quiz, not an IQ test.

It doesn't indicate how intelligent you likely are, but rather how much trivial knowledge you possess.

And no, I'm not just saying it because I only got a 45% even though I use it every day. Who wrote Solitaire and where did the XP wallpaper come from are just pointless trivia.

I was actually just going to comment on this, but it seems you were faster. But yeah, IQ and knowledge are two entirely different things. Sure, they complement each other, but one can know a lot of things and still be pretty stupid and vice versa.

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