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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Cheap Android tablets are all over the place, and generally not any good. They often have resistive touch screens instead of capacitive ones, are slow, or have no access to the Android Market. For Ice Cream Sandwich, MIPS Technologies is trotting out its existing Honeycomb tablet - which, you guessed it, uses a MIPS processor - licensed to Ainovo. For some reason, that makes this $99 tablet with capacitive screen kind of interesting.
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RE[2]: 'scuse me Fester
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Tue 6th Dec 2011 15:20 UTC in reply to "RE: 'scuse me Fester"
Bill Shooter of Bul
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The reality is that most people don't care about raw specs, but on the actual experience of using the device. My wife has a much better phone spec wise than her friend who has an original iphone 3g. However, her Sony Experia X10 keeps crapping out on her: slowing down randomly rebooting, ect. That doesn't happen to her friend with the older, slower cpu'd less memoried, iphone.

I think Apple will be fine.

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RE[3]: 'scuse me Fester
by leos on Tue 6th Dec 2011 21:02 in reply to "RE[2]: 'scuse me Fester"
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I think Apple will be fine.

Not to mention that their specs have been competitive lately. Still haven't seen a tablet or phone with a better GPU than the iPad2. Perhaps the Tegra3 surpasses it, but I haven't seen any benchmarks on that yet and it isn't out in anything.

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RE[4]: 'scuse me Fester
by phoenix on Thu 8th Dec 2011 00:08 in reply to "RE[3]: 'scuse me Fester"
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Anandtech has a review of the Asus eeePad Transformer Prime, using a quad-core Tegra3. For most of the benchmarks, the iPad2 and TF are neck-and-neck. Which, is actually kind of sad, considering that the Tegra3 is clocked much higher with 2 extra cores. But, the CPU in the A5 is a beast that nothing else can touch as of yet.

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