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Google Dianne Hackborn has posted on Google+ about some common myths regarding Android's graphics rendering pipeline, and we have a rebuttal to that one as well. Interesting stuff, but I want to talk abut something related: Android's gaphics performance. I'm hearing a lot of talk about how Android's effects and transitions and such aren't as smooth as those on iOS, but on my Galaxy SII, everything is super-smooth. So, I'm wondering - what's it like for you?
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Isn't some of androids "lag" intentional? For example, the "rotation lag" is actually there to avoid hysterical rotations while you are, for example, lying down playing with your phone/tablet.

By the way, my Nokia N9 beats all your androids and iphones in UI speed. It is still a dead (i.e. murdered) platform, which should show that having the fastest UI is not the only requirement for winning the phone war.

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No. When we're talking about "lag" we mean the unintentional delays.

And actually the rotation lag actually wasn't intentional! It is a lot faster now on modern phones than it used to be on the old Android 1.x phones.

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I'll just keep quiet about the UI performance of N9./s
That swipe is actually quite annoying at the end of the day.

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When I go back to my older devices, I all the time try to swipe on them or wake them up with double tap. Shows just how intuitive the UI is when it replaces your years old habits within a day or two...

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